What is Subscription Plans service

Our Subscription Plans offer businesses a cost-effective way to lease electric vehicles without the commitment of long-term ownership. With our subscription plans, you can choose from a range of electric vehicles and flexible leasing options, based on your specific requirements.

Our plans provide you with the flexibility to change your vehicles as and when required, enabling you to optimize your fleet based on your changing business needs.

Features of Subscription Plans service


Our Subscription Plans offer businesses the flexibility to choose different subscription plans – go for a shorter one for lower commitment period or opt for a longer one with lower monthly rates.

Maintenance Services

We will provide fuss-free maintenance services for the EV fleet, including regular inspections, repairs, and replacement of tyres and batteries and other components.


Subscription Plans are a cost-effective leasing option for businesses, as they do not require a large upfront payment or balloon payment. Instead, businesses can enjoy fixed monthly payments that are affordable and predictable.

Freedom to swap vehicles

Enjoy the flexibility to swap your EV periodically regardless of the vehicle category during your subscription period.

Stay connected with your vehicle

Our smart EV app is designed to give businesses real-time information on driving behavior, monitor vehicle status and manage vehicle keys digitally.

Our telematics system also provides valuable insights into your vehicle’s performance. You can see information about battery life, range, and charging times, helping you to make informed decisions about your driving habits.

Explore our charging solutions

When you lease an EV from us, we provide you with access to a range of charging solutions designed to fit your needs and budget.

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