What is Subscribe to Own service

Our Subscribe to Own programme is perfect for businesses who want to own their electric vehicles without the upfront costs. With this programme, businesses can subscribe to our EVs for a set period, and at the end of the term, you will have the option to buy the EV at a discounted price.

This allows businesses to step into the journey of transition by experiencing EVs through leasing and ultimately choosing one to be your own.

Features of Subscribe to Own service


Subscribe to Own offers businesses greater flexibility than traditional leasing options. With this scheme, businesses can make changes to their fleet as and when required, without worrying about long-term contracts or penalties.


Subscribe to Own offers businesses the opportunity to eventually own their electric vehicles, without the need for a large upfront payment or balloon payment.

Maintenance Services

We will provide fuss-free maintenance services for the EV fleet, including regular inspections, repairs, and replacement of tyres and batteries and other components.

Training and Support

We provide training and support to help businesses manage their new fleet of EVs. This includes driver education, technical support, and access to resources for planning and implementing electric vehicle infrastructure.

Stay connected with your vehicle

Our smart EV app is designed to give businesses real-time information on driving behavior, monitor vehicle status and manage vehicle keys digitally.

Our telematics system also provides valuable insights into your vehicle’s performance. You can see information about battery life, range, and charging times, helping you to make informed decisions about your driving habits.

Explore our charging solutions

When you lease an EV from us, we provide you with access to a range of charging solutions designed to fit your needs and budget.

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